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Ashlee Norman Butterfly, Wolf & Bixie Haircuts (Nov 6)

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@AshleeNormanHair ready to help you translate some of todays hottest Haircut Trends into profitable commerical looks behind the chair. TicTok has made the #Butterflycut #WolfCut & #Bixie all the rage and we need to be ready when clients come in requesting these trends. Juxiposing Razorcutting and Dry Scissor cut, you’ll get to see the why and how behind both tools. Learn all about Modern Layering, FaceFraming, Undercutting, Styling and more all in one day with non-stop Guided Hands-on step by step instruction with Ashlee and her talented team. All levels of experience Welcome as the techniques will be fundamental, buildable, and versitale for any skill level.


9-12pm Dry Scissor Butterfly Haircut Guided Hands-on

12pm Lunch Provided

12pm - 2pm Razor Wolf Haircut Guided Hands-on

2- 4pm Razor Bixie Guided Hands-on


Doll head, doll head tripod stand, Dry Cutting Scissors, Plier Feather Razor, Razor Blades, hair-cutting comb, sectioning clips, Doll head & tripod stand, blow dryer, Round Brush, boar hair flat brush, water spray bottle


SWAG, Lunch, & Headsheets

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